The Centrepiece of the completed film will be an interview with our “Star” reflecting on their childhood and the memories and significant events that it contains.

Our interviewers are trained to help our “Stars”to feel at ease and to guide them gently through the process. It is of course inevitable that some thought will have been given to what the interview may contain, but in our experience the films are at their best when memories and stories arise spontaneously as the interview progresses.

At all times the focus is on our star, as their childhood story, unique and precious unfolds.

The first thing to do is complete the contact us form from our website and return it to us. Alternatively you can contact directly to discuss your requirements.

Once we have received your form we will contact you directly to arrange the date for the interview. This will need to be at least two weeks before the desired date for delivery of the completed film. We will also agree the format in which the film will be delivered.


Our interviewer will arrive at your chosen location with all of the equipment needed to shoot your film. The interviewer will need about an hour to get everything set up.


If you want personal photos included in the film, these will need to be available on the day. Our interviewer will either scan or photograph them, ensuring that your valuable originals are kept safely in your possession. We will also catalogue and agree titles for the photographs.

Good subjects for photos if available are:

A photo of the star that they really like
Brothers and Sisters
Houses lived in
Star as a child

During this process the “Star” of the film will get to know their interviewer a little better, maybe over a shared cup of tea, so that when filming starts nerves and butterflies are kept to a minimum. It might be helpful to have a family member or friend present on the day.

The interview will probably last for about an hour and a half, after which we will pack up all of our equipment, and return to our offices to start the editing process. will create a personalised introduction and credit sequence, and will include all of the photographs at the appropriate point in the film, and add any music that has been requested. We will need at least two weeks to complete this process after which we will deliver the completed film.